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Indian Catering Peri Peri Menu
Indian Catering for the North West


At the heart of everything we do is one ethos: great curry! And that's exactly what you get from all our menus. We have the old favourites down to a tee but we also have some extra special dishes that you won't find anywhere else. We're not an award winning restaurant for nothing! Take a look and see....

Dietary requirements
We cater for everyone at the Indian Ocean so rest assured, no matter what your dietary requirements, we'll have something for you. Whether you require vegetarian or vegan options or dishes that are free of gluten or nut traces, we'll be happy to prepare these for you.

All our food is halal.

If you have any concerns please contact us before your visit and one of our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Vegetarian, Halal, Vegan

Our new a la carte menu is packed full of classic curries, chef signature dishes, house specialities, a new and exciting Desi Punjabi section and some stunning fish options.

Those that like their traditional curries AND those looking for something more authentic will not be disappointed.

All the old favourites are still there; your Bhunas, Masalas, Madras' and the like. Our Biryanis, Sizzlers and Shashliks are all still there, as are a selection of Continental dishes.

We're excited to introduce many brand new dishes to the menu. Our chefs have worked hard perfecting dishes based on Punjabi influences, cooking techniques and spices. The Desi Punjabi Dishes, consisting of starters and main course, are something special. Familiar yet different. Spicy yet well balanced. You need to try them to fully appreciate them.

We're especially proud of our new Fish Dishes. The recipes have been carefully created to bring out the flavour of the fish whilst giving them interesting tastes and textures. These dishes are truly unique - we promise you won't find anything quite like them in another Indian restaurant.

We hope you enjoy our new menu and maybe even challenge yourself to try something new. We want our customers to experience real Indian food: the flavours, cooking techniques, ways of serving food and even portion sizes. We want to take you back to basics and invite you to rethink your idea of Indian food.

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